It is true that XMR doesn't always break waves like many other coins, but it has good benefits for gambling that crypto gamers have known about since forever. We love it, and that brings us to the topic of the top 5 reasons to gamble with Monero. Let's take a look at some of the positives for using it for making your next play!

5. Fast Cross-Border Payments

Asia, Scandinavia, South America, or whatever other regions you find yourself in, Monero will get your winnings there quickly! Crypto gamers are shifting towards XMR because of its fast cross-border payments, and who can blame them?

If the main attraction of gaming is the quick wins, then you should have the options of receiving them speedily. That puts the efficiency of this network into our top 5 reasons to gamble with Monero.

Deposit and withdraw in minutes over one of the most popular blockchain networks out there.

4. Anonymous XMR Transactions

All of us have heard about identity theft, and the consequences following it, so be smart and avoid any hassle due to your love for gambling. Next reason in our top 5 is the anonymous XMR transactions.

You never sign any transfers you send, and with wallets not being visible to the public, there are absolutely no ways for somebody to figure out who owns the XMR! If you are looking for a truly anonymous cryptocurrency, then Monero is the right one!

3. Small Circulating Supply of XMR

Monero does not have a maximum supply cap per se, but it does cap at around 18.4 million units with bits coming in slowly after. The rewards amounts keep dropping which at the very end will remain at 0.3 per block. It is designed this way to still give miners incentive to power the network after all of the coins get mined.

When you look at it this way, the cap is actually even smaller than Bitcoins! And you know what they say, the smaller the cap, the bigger the gains to follow! Don't let the appreciation ride you by without holding any XMR in your private wallet.

One of the top 5 reasons to gamble with Monero is the small circulating amount of coins!

2. Best Monero Casino Games

The next leg consists of the best Monero casino games. That puts it into the second spot in our top reasons to gamble with XMR!

Monero gives you access to some of the newest games on the scene. For example, provably fair games that allow you to validate every result. It has never been more fun and secure to gamble online than it is now with the surge of cryptocurrencies. Enjoy some of the very best Monero casino games for XMR today!

1. Best XMR Deposit Bonuses

And we are going to finish the things up with people's favorite reason which is the best XMR deposit bonuses! Basically, every top Monero casino will have a special greeting package ready for your next deposit. It may be a 100% match, or perhaps some free spins or bets. One thing that is certain, you will feel rewarded!

Find some of the best XMR deposit bonuses with the help of our reviews right now!